The American Teachers of Adolf Hitler – Hitlers Amerikanische Lehrer

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Hermann Ploppa
The American Teachers of Adolf Hitler –
The Elites of the USA as sponsors of the Nazi Movement

ISBN 978-3-9812703-0-3

Is the Nationalsozialismus with all its terrible excesses a pure product of Germany? Of the common people of Germany? Of German Kultur?

The author substantiates his thesis that this is exactly not the case by presenting documents which were unknown so far: that many components of Nationalsocialism have been derived out of endeavors from the US in the beginning of the twentieth century, and which have been middle of the road there: the ideology of the Nordic master race or the “elimination of the inferior” for instance. Already before the Great War in many states of the US laws have been enacted for the sterilization and castration of the “inferior”.
And that’s not all: in the year 1914 the federal government of the US, distinguished foundations like Carnegie or Rockefeller and the elite of the scientists of American ivy league universities worked hard for a detailed race betterment program not only for the USA but also for whole mankind. By this plan there should have been “eliminated” 45 million “inferiors” in the US alone until the year 1985.
Adolf Hitler propagated this program in “Mein Kampf” with fervor. Hitler never made a secret out of the fact that he owes many essential ideas to Americans like Henry Ford, Madison Grant or Lothrop Stoddard.
“Hitlers Amerikanische Lehrer” was published in the fall of 2008. The author had to sell the book by self-publishing because no publisher had the balls to challenge the middle-of-the-road narrative of the exclusive responsibility of the German people for the rise of fascism in that country. Also book reviews are very rare until today.
But the subject is also of great potential for the English speaking community on the globe. So maybe there will be a courageous publisher for an edition of this book in English language. Let’s see…


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